Paul Smith/Vivienne Westwood Red Label/ Antonio Berardi

The post editor isn’t letting me type between the photos for some odd reason, but to be honest I think these shows speak for themselves. I will say that I want all the belts from Paul Smith.


I had a nice moment.

I was on the bus and it was sailing through the streets of Auckland. I had ‘American Honey’ by Lady Antebellum on the iPod (shut up – I like country music – deal with it). The sun was shining off to the west – with that golden light which you get at sunset. Also it was nearly 7pm and the sun was still out which was nice. I had just been to Lounge at the University and listened to some spectacular poetry. I knew there was a glass of save waiting for me at home, where I could brag about my successful presentation for one of my courses (which was awesome).

I had a nice moment where I was happy to be alive and in the city. One of those rare moments of absolute contentment. Despite the two essays and forty thousand other things I have to do.

It was really a wonderful moment.

Muslim Barbies: Weird or Cool?

Here they are:

I’m conflicted: I half think ‘sure! Little Muslim girls probably like dolls and it must be nice to have one which isn’t dressed like a pole-dancer and maybe resembles them and their family.’ Then I think ‘Gross! Mattel is exporting commercialised conceptions of beauty (which are sick and wrong to begin with) all around the globe. Now that we’ve brainwashed the western world’s girls that they have to look like barbie in order to matter, we can start on the rest of the world. Also – I’m pretty sure most Muslims aren’t white. These dolls look like your average pasty european fresh from the tanning bed.

I think I’m settling on weird actually.

Osman/House of Holland/Twenty8Twelve

Wow, I really need to catch up. So here’s three in one go:

Osman: clean lines, beautiful asymmetrical shapes and I LOVE the petal-pink train-thing that’s attached to two of the pieces – so eye catching. I’m totally lusting after the brown top in the last photo as well.

House of Holland: The stars are so cute – very nineties feel to those first two pieces (in a good way). The green dress is such a beautiful colour and the shape is stunning.

Twenty8Twelve: Love the pouffy dresses and fifties-shapes. Also I can totally imagine Sienna Miller wearing all of them – which is refreshing. Sometimes you know that the designer would never actually wear what they design. Actually that seems to be a common thing with ‘celebrity’ designers – Gwen Stefani and Victoria Beckham included.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the PPQ collection.

It’s a little late, but I have to put this up, ’cause I’m totally in love with this collection. The colours are just my thing and the shapes are stunning.

First of all, I want that bag very much (thank goodness enormous bags seem to be staying around – I couldn’t live without a truly fathomous bag), but I also love the shape of the bodice of this dress and the colour of the belt and the way it interacts with the pattern.

I love that you could dress this up with snazzy shoes and jewellery for a night out or wear it to the beach with sandals and it would still look amazing.

The silhouette of this dress is gorgeous and the belt is a really eye-popping twist on the classic LBD.

I love the shape, I love the black bands across the pattern, I love the colours and the symmetry of the pattern and I love the hat. I do not, however, love the hat and the dress together.

Stunning colours – also nice to see some blocks of vivid colour in contrast to the patterns. Gorgeous neckline on that top.

Hmm… haven’t made up my mind on this one yet.

Beautiful colour and shape but I hate that it’s satin-y. If it wasn’t so satin-y it wouldn’t look so much like nightwear.


Love the contrast of the vibrant pattern to the straight lines. Also this would again look nice dressed up, but also great with jeans, boots and a leather jacket.

This thing I did in class – Political Parties as beverages.

We were doing this thing in class, matching political parties to cars. But that’s boring, so I tried to come up with a few drinks which sum up New Zealand Political parties.

National: A martini – expensive and hard to swallow. 

Labour: Tui – it’s beer, it’s working class, it’s not that great, but we can’t afford a better one just at the moment. 

Greens: spirulina. Made from organic ingredients of course. 

Act: very sweet sherry in a dusty decanter – old fashioned and no one likes it. 

Maori Party: the olive in National’s martini, but they’re hoping to make it to the snack platter. 

NZ First isn’t on the menu. 

United Future doesn’t drink.

Progressives’ll have what Labour’s having. 


Oscar de la Renta

Gorgeous dresses. I can already match them to red-carpet-celebrities.

Eva Mendes. She would be (as Jada Pinkett-Smith put it in ‘The Women’) fiiiiiiiiine in this dress.

Either Kate Hudson or Camille Belle I can’t decide.

Marcia Cross/Nicole Kidman (they’re basically the same person really)

Carey Mulligan (NORRRRRRR)

Angelina Jolie (hate her – love the dress)

Michelle Obama – I swear this dress was designed for her.

Tina Fey (or me, ’cause I’m planning on becoming Tina Fey).

I can see Kim Kardashian in this – even though I’m still not entirely sure how she’s famous.

Anne Hathaway would look stunning in this dress

Someone striking enough to jazz it up a bit – maybe Zoe Saldana, but with a red or green sash not black.

Christina Hendricks (they’d have to let out the bust a bit…)

Anna Kendrick (she’s so cyooooooooot)

Blake Lively

Scarlett Johanson.