I love the new L.A.M.B Collection

While I hate Gwen Stefani’s music, I can’t deny that her latest collection is brilliant. It just looks like a collection of clothes that I would actually wear (which, not being pin-thin, is nice for a change). There’s so much fun and colour in the lineup – lots of Afro-Carribean influences, but not to a silly extent. I could go into the post-colonial implications of a white American woman appropriating culture for profit, but to be honest, I like the clothes too much. Here’re a couple of my favourites:

I can just imagine wearing this with jeans, boots and my brown leather jacket and not looking stupid. It’s a great twist on a tie die, and a beautiful shape. Also those shoes are pretty fabulous…
The colours in this dress are so vibrant and vivid, yet still not overdone – I’m pretty sure ‘vibrant and muted’ is an oxymoron, but it sums this piece up well. Also it has two of my favourite things: a halter neck and a empire waistline. AND a bandeau round the middle. This could be worn by an average-sized person and still look fantastic. 
First things first: LOVE those shoes. Even though I doubt I could ever walk in them. The dress is so wonderfully eighties, but not in the neon-Taylor-Momsen-in-gossip-girl sort of way which everyone seems obsessed with. It’s rocker and floral at the same time.
I’m not a big fan of the shape, but the colours are great (also I want the bangle).
I like the shoes and bag on the left model and the dress on the right model. I want that dress so much, I’m considering organising a heist…
I would wear this with pants. My only criticism. Love the mix of the square plaid and the liquid-like neckline. 
NOT the capris. Seriously, this model is the only person in the world who can wear capris without looking stumpy. The vest, however is stunning (I ❤ the caps on the shoulders). 
I kind of hate the pants, which I would never wear, but the jacket is gorgeous – the vivid blue and burnt orange together is inspired.
Beautiful beautiful shape/colour/neckline/pattern/everything. Send me to heaven now. 
Again, hate the pants, but love the jacket. Also I like that Gwen was actually wearing something from the collection. 

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