Oscar de la Renta

Gorgeous dresses. I can already match them to red-carpet-celebrities.

Eva Mendes. She would be (as Jada Pinkett-Smith put it in ‘The Women’) fiiiiiiiiine in this dress.

Either Kate Hudson or Camille Belle I can’t decide.

Marcia Cross/Nicole Kidman (they’re basically the same person really)

Carey Mulligan (NORRRRRRR)

Angelina Jolie (hate her – love the dress)

Michelle Obama – I swear this dress was designed for her.

Tina Fey (or me, ’cause I’m planning on becoming Tina Fey).

I can see Kim Kardashian in this – even though I’m still not entirely sure how she’s famous.

Anne Hathaway would look stunning in this dress

Someone striking enough to jazz it up a bit – maybe Zoe Saldana, but with a red or green sash not black.

Christina Hendricks (they’d have to let out the bust a bit…)

Anna Kendrick (she’s so cyooooooooot)

Blake Lively

Scarlett Johanson.

2 thoughts on “Oscar de la Renta

  1. You can go ahead and replace all of those celebrity names with 'Laura Berger'.My mum loves Oscar de la Renta purfu; she can have the smelly water, I want the clothes.

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