I had a nice moment.

I was on the bus and it was sailing through the streets of Auckland. I had ‘American Honey’ by Lady Antebellum on the iPod (shut up – I like country music – deal with it). The sun was shining off to the west – with that golden light which you get at sunset. Also it was nearly 7pm and the sun was still out which was nice. I had just been to Lounge at the University and listened to some spectacular poetry. I knew there was a glass of save waiting for me at home, where I could brag about my successful presentation for one of my courses (which was awesome).

I had a nice moment where I was happy to be alive and in the city. One of those rare moments of absolute contentment. Despite the two essays and forty thousand other things I have to do.

It was really a wonderful moment.


2 thoughts on “I had a nice moment.

  1. HIThis sounds lovely! I had a similar one once at the Wellington train station at seven in the morning. I was dead tired, in such a rush and, franky, busting for a toilet. But as I was walking up the stairs in the early morning sunlight I heard a busker playing an old tune on guitar and all of a sudden I felt like I was in a classic movie, off on some fantastic trip. Then it passed and I ran for the toilet…Ah, for the little things that make worthwhile. :)Laura

  2. Yay for nice moments 🙂 I like those ones where you feel like you're in a movie. That happens to me whenever I'm about to cross a busy road and Dies Irae from Mozart's requiem plays on my iPod.

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