Prada/Jill Sander/D&G.


Really funky stuff – crazy patterns and bright colours. Not sure about the sombreros/horizontal stripes, but I keep an open mind.


This pattern looks like it’s from a teacup. On a top. I LOVE it. Also – teamed with crazy skirt (which I could never wear), it looks amazing.

WANT. Even if I don’t wear it, I could hang it on my wall and stare at it.

Jill Sander

Everyone’s already raved about this. But I have to as well, ’cause it’s amazing. The colours, the shapes, the patterns.

That colour. I can’t been talk about it. 

So simple and so lovely.

I love this, as does The Sartorialist and everyone else. The splash of colour is inspired.


The Garden Party show – gorgeous and so sweet 🙂 Not sure about the Disney Princesses though…

Love the red shorts.


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