We have been awake since 5am NZ time (about ten and a half hours now) and still have about three hours to wait ‘til our next flight. I shouldn’t complain though, because I am thoroughly enjoying the luxurious Qantas Club Lounge (na na na na na na) with its endless supply of ginger ale, free booze, cheese and amusingly small individually wrapped ice creams.

This is a picture of Sydney from the lounge window, taken with my brand new camera which I bought in about ten minutes at AKL airport. (SHINY. SHINY SHINY). Not too bad, eh?

It looks like we might have a seat between us for the long flight (touch wood, no jinxes, currently praying to anything that’ll listen) which means: oh yes! The ability to actually have my feet above knee level occasionally (that makes no sense, but what do you expect? I got up at 5 this morning).  

Anyway, Sydney looks pretty in the distance and it’s quite fun watching the planes take off. 

Next time I post will probably be from London! Insert reference to your chosen Clash song here!


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