Words. Type them into blog. And pictures. Pictures pretty.


Basically. So jetlagged right now. Loooooooooong flights.

Got to London about 7ish (in the morning, though I still have no earthly clue how time zones are supposed to make sense) and stood in the most epic immigration queue I have ever been in. We took the train to Paddington and partook of the absolute delight that is the West Cornwall Pasty Company cheese and onion pasty (mmmmmmmm non airline food..)

Of course, when we got to our hotel we still had hours before check-in time, so we trudged off, still in our flight clothes, showerless and sleepless, to the embankment where we got a riverbus to Greenwich.

When we got to Greenwich, we saw about this much of the palace

before realising that all we really wanted was chips. And a chair. So we found one.

This one to be exact.

We found a nice little pub called The Mitre and had some delicious chips, along with surprisingly nice tempura vegetables (I get the feeling the tempura veges probably wouldn’t have been on the menu ten years ago). It was your classic English pub with lots of rich furnishings and a couple of locals banging on about sport/politics/the good ol’ days in the background. Maybe one day I’ll photoshop a picture of myself sitting in this chair, but I sure as hell ain’t posting any actual pictures of me here (at this point I had been basically awake for 36 hours without a shower).

But here’s a nice one of my mum:

And here’s an OK-but-my-goodness-I-look-a-mess one of me with Big Ben in the background:

After the pub we went back to the hotel and zonked out. Seriously. I’m finishing off this post at ten to seven the next morning.

Here’s hoping London is as nice today as it was yesterday!


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