Doctor Who! Greek Food! – London: Friday 2nd September

Warning: this is the longest post in the world.

It was hoooot today. Apparently it got to 26, though it felt like at least 30 in the Underground (especially while I was standing wedged between a dude in a suit and a kid with the worst bleach job I’ve ever seen).

We started off the day with brekkie at our hotel (by the way, you should all see the stunning view of Earl’s Court from our window:

Stunning, no? My mother has taken to noting the time of the first tube  – so far the earliest has been 5.02am).

We went for a casual mosy down the King’s Road

before making a rather arduous journey to Olympia, where we went to see… wait for it…


OK, so I’m a giant nerd. And this was awesome. Commence photospam NOW:

We had to queue for AAAAAAGES, but luckily there was some cool stuff to look at while we waited.

I know it’s unusual to look so happy to be standing next to a dalek, but we kind of love them.

We also bumped into this awesome lady

who kindly took time out of her busy time-travelling, crime-fighting schedule to say hello.

Luckily no one messed around with this

and the weather stayed nice for the day. Didn’t see any flying fish floating about either!

The experience itself was pretty fun. We stepped through the crack in the universe and got to go inside the TARDIS, before nearly being exterminated by some daleks in pantone colours (OH MY GOD CAITLIN, YOU CAN’T JUST ASK A DALEK WHY IT’S PANTONE).

We had to walk by some weeping angels, which legitimately freaked the bejeesus out of me. Then we saved the Doctor, and the world, yada yada etc.

The exhibition at the end was awesome, though there was this creepy wax version of Matt Smith next to the TARDIS..

They also had all the costumes on display, which was quite strange, it looked like all the characters had been beheaded.

I came into rather alarmingly close contact with a cyberman

but I wasn’t too worried, ‘cause there were some daleks about and we all know how cybermen fare in the face of that lot.

And then – hey! Who turned out the lights?

Jeebus that is creepy. I was glad there were no weeping angels about, because I think I honestly would have completely lost it. I mean this little dude was freaky enough..

But then we bumped into an old friend and felt a little better.

Then I can’t remember what happened next. Hang on..

Wait, what was I talking about?

Well, anyway, we had a marvelous time at the Doctor Who Experience, before catching a bus to –

That’s so weird, I keep spacing out.

We caught the bus to Picadilly Circus, before heading down to the South Bank to find our favourite restaurant in London where we had some fantastic Greek food and people-watched for a while.

This was the view from our table:

And this is what our food looked like:

Num num num. So delicious.

After lunch we mosied across Millennium Bridge

and around St Paul’s towards the tube.

Another gorgeous day in London 🙂


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