Yes, Minister and Much Ado About Nothing – London: Saturday 3rd September

We began another glorious day with a wander around Westminster, all the time expecting to see Sir Humphrey Appleby and Malcolm Tucker wandering along the street, arguing vociferously.

Boudicca oversees the debacle that is London traffic and no doubt tries to keep Westminster and Whitehall in check.

Even though I know it’s just a clock, I always get a little thrill when I see Big Ben and the rest of Westminster, such a beautiful building (they know how to house their leaders in London – so much nicer than the Beehive).

This next one is my favourite photo of the bunch –

– apart from perhaps this one!

The place was heaving with people, all snapping pictures. I feel sorry for Londoners who have to walk by Parliament on their way to work, through the obstacle course of tourists.

The lines for Westminster Abbey were huuuuuge, so we settled for some pics outside:

We wandered along towards Millbank, taking a gander at the HQs of both MI5 and MI6, before heading across the river.

We had a marvellous lunch at a place next to the Globe called Tas Pide – mine was a traditional Pide (middle eastern pizza-type thing) with garlic sausage and fresh tomato. Just to make you jealous.

After lunch, I headed next door to the Globe (well, really the Globe v. 2.0 – the original burned down) to see Much Ado About Nothing!

It was absolutely fantastic and I managed to get a terrible picture of the musicians before being told to put my camera away:

Benedick and Beatrice were particularly good, as well as Dogberry and Verges (Verges actually got a bucket of water emptied over his head while on stage).

I was a ‘groundling,’ therefore had to stand in the yard for the whole three hours, hence this slightly bemused-looking self-shot from the interval:

On my way back across Millennium Bridge towards the tube, I spotted an odd thing – little padlocks attached to the cables of the bridge.

Apparently this is also a thing in Paris – people leaving little padlocks with messages of love, names and other things written on them! So cute 🙂

Such a lovely idea 🙂

We were boring and had wagamama for dinner. Just if you cared. Which you probably don’t..


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