München: 9th September

And so begins the Cheesy Bus Tour.

We managed the sprint across Munich Airport to the Tour Bus just in time, so made it to the hotel reasonably early in the day. The hotel was way out in the waps of the city, so we had a wee adventure finding some lunch – we went to a hotdog stand (or really a wurst stand) and I had to attempt to speak German. It turned out fine really.

(I look really weird ‘cause I’d only just noticed the camera. No, really).

We had two ‘thüringens’ which were absolutely delicious.

Later we took the bus into the city and looked around for a little while. München is absolutely gorgeous with so many amazing buildings!

This is a brewery. I know, right?

We started at the Opera House (everywhere in Europe seems to have an opera house)

before walking to Marienplatz to see the rathaus, or town hall, which is spectacular:

It also has a very famous and rather lovely (if perhaps overly long) Glockenspiel (or play of bells) which is accompanied by a little cuckoo-clock-like thing with wee mechanical dancers. I took a video with my shiny new camera, here’s a snippet:

I have to say, the ‘crowing’ rooster at the end was a little disappointing. More like a croak. Then again, he is made of metal, so perhaps I should cut him some slack.

After wandering around the markets, we stopped for a Prosecco at a cafe and sat outside watching the world go by.

A lovely first day of the tour!


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