The Midlands: 5th September – 8th September

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Don’t be fooled, the Midlands are very very exciting.


No, but really, we stayed with my Uncle Alun in Catherine-de-Barnes, a lovely wee town near the seething metropolis of Solihull (cough). We mostly just relaxed and read books (I read the first two Hunger Games books in about 36 hours – my goodness they’re good), but we did head out into the wide world once.

We visited a gorgeous wee town called Ironbridge, which is apparently where the Industrial Revolution began (something to do with iron I think..) and is a lovely little place.

It looked like a biscuit-tin scene, with the Severn running through the town and the little church on the hill.

The bridge itself was built by the nearby ironworks and is stunningly beautiful

If I look a little less-than-elated here, I think it’s probably because the following night I got stung by a (f#$%&^%#ing) wasp the night before, so spent most of the night sitting with the light on and the insect spray at the ready. I cheered up immensely when I got some food in me (The Malthouse Pub, had a brie, tomato and bacon baguette, which I swear had about $10 worth of brie in it – I’m hungry just writing about it).

We went into this dinky little museum which had a gigantic diorama thing of the whole of the town, so I spent about ten minutes trying to take artistic tilt-shift hipster-type photos of it. This is what resulted:

After that we headed to the Blists Victorian Town, which is a little town kept in all its Victorian glory, with people in period costume acting as the apothecary, the postman etc etc. It was very sweet, and lots of fun to look around.

I had the most fun in the sweetshop, where I bought an ounce each of sherbert lemons and mint humbugs and conversed with the local paperboy, who was very interested to know whether I came to the UK from NZ in a horse and cart.

(That’s my Uncle Alun on the left)

(That’s a rooster)

Who’d have thunk the midlands could be so exciting! (I’m just being mean really, we had a marvellous time).


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