Nürnberg and Praha: 10th September

We had an early start and all crammed into the bus (all 52 of us – 54 including our driver Harald and our tour director Noel) and headed off for Prague. We had a nice mix of people on the bus – lots of Americans and Canadians, a healthy spattering of Aussies, a Swiss lady, a Brazillian lady, an Israeli dude and another pair of Kiwis! (with whom we became buddies fairly quickly).

Little did we know, on that first day, that our wish to have some sterotypical American tourists on the bus would become real.

Too real.

But anyway, everything was still sunny and lovely at this point.

We had a lunch stop in Nuremberg, or ‘Nürnberg’ to the locals, with about an hour and a half to wander around. The place which was famous for Hitler’s gigantic rallies, and for the war crimes tribunal some years later is actually a beautiful little town and was a nice place to begin fine-tuning (translation: actually attempting to say more than ‘zwei’ and ‘cappucinos’) my German. Cough.

We hung about in the square for a bit, though it was ridiculously hot. For us anyway. At least 28º celsius.

We had lunch in the famous Bratwurst Röslein restaurant off the square, and had the Nürnberg variety of bratwurst with warm potato salad and sauerkraut, which was delcious (I’m getting hungry just thinking about it).

After lunch we hit the road, passing through Plzen in Czech Republic (famous for the Pilsen beer) and getting into Prague about 4-ish.

After dinner we took a walk along the waterfront of Prague’s river Vltava and had an interesting experience.

We were sitting on a bench looking out at the beautiful city and the boats bobbing along the river when a wet naked dude came up to us. Seriously. Ok, he was wearing underwear, but they were only just hanging on.

He said something in Czech, but as Czech makes absolutely no sense to me we had no idea what he was saying (probably a blessing in the circumstances). We said to him that we didn’t speak Czech, and he said ‘No Czech?’ to which we replied ‘No, no Czech.’

He kept asking us ‘No Czech?’ until we got up and sped off away from him. Luckily he didn’t follow us. About 30 seconds later a police car sped up the pavement towards the dude, who promptly jumped into the river.

At this point we decided to find another bench and watch, because it was pretty funny. My mum wanted to take a photo of it, but we thought that perhaps trying to explain that to the police in Czech probably wasn’t worth the risk. Anyway, they fished him out of the water and that’s all we saw.

I wonder who he was. Whether he was a bit of a pervert, or just really wasted. Maybe he’s an accountant in everyday life. I don’t know.

To the naked wet dude on the Vltava River: thanks for the great story. And for not kidnapping us.


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