Bratislava and Budapest: 12th September

We were sad to leave Prague, if only for the simple reason that it was actually hotter in Budapest. We had a very nice lunch stop in Bratislava (yeeeees I always have lunch in Bratislava daahling. I don’t know, it just seems weird to be able to say I’ve had lunch in Bratislava. ANYWHO) which is very pretty.

We had lunch at a very nice italian place before taking a wee look around the main square of the old town.

Oh yeah – speaking of I ❤ [insert here] signs, we found this in Bratislava:

Needless to say, I Tomato Pizza was not the Italian place we went to.

After Bratislava, we made our slow way into Budapest (freakin’ 3 and a half hours or something. Stupid Budapest traffic). We arrived at our hotel to find that none of the aircon units was working, in the 30-oddº heat. After the initial stress of this, and the slightly heartening discovery that the windows did open, we had a lovely, relaxing evening cruise on the Danube, to see Budapest’s magnificent buildings lit up.

This is their Parliament. I’ve seen it before, in the daytime, but it really is spectacular at night. Even this photo (which I am very happy with, it is the only one out of about 27 which wasn’t blurry) can’t do justice to how beautiful it was.

(I know, dreadful photo, but it’s the only one I could get of the Liberty Statue)

The cruise was wonderful, the breeze was cool, the food was nice, and the information provided by Sophie (our local guide) was interesting (and she had the most charming way of speaking english I have ever heard. She said ‘we used to have a rebellion’ instead of ‘we had a rebellion.’ Which must be what I sound like when I attempt tense in French).

After the cruise we headed back to our rooms so we could lie awake in the heat and the noise for the whole night. I won’t call it sleeping.


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