Budapest: 13th September

We began the day early, not ‘cause we had to, but ‘cause we woke up. Did I mention the lack of air con? One upside to our hotel was the view across the Pest side of the city, towards the Buda side, with the moon still in the sky:

We began our sightseeing tour with Sophie at Hero Square, which frankly is almost too spectacular to be real.

It is full of figures from Hungarian history and from classical mythology. Don’t ask me which is which though, I was too flabbergasted to really listen properly.

It was also surrounded by other gorgeous buildings, including the museum:

The second stop on our sightseeing tour was up in the hills of Buda, near the Citadella, where we had a fantastic panoramic view of the city which set all the shutterbugs a’ snappin’ (including me)

We then wound our way down from the hills and to yet another castle, in the medieval town of Old Buda. Though we were all suffering somewhat from the heat, the charm of the town did wonders to make us forget.

We both fell in love with the Matthias Church, with its stunning mosaic tiled roof:

Next to the church was the fairytale-like Fisherman’s Bastion, which is all turrets and towers and honestly looks like a Disneyland Castle.

The battlements had yet more stunning views of the city:

We also had a look at the old Ministry of Defence building, which like many buildings in Budapest, is still riddled with bullet holes, leftover from a particularly nasty siege during the Second World War.

And found this chap:

Zoltan Kodaly, otherwise known as the dude who invented ‘do re mi.’

After the sightseeing tour we peeled off from the group with Debbie and Michele, two nice Aussie ladies, and went into the middle of town to see St Steven’s Basilica, which I had seen before, but was still completely flabbergasted by.

After gaping in amazement for a few minutes, we settled down for a leisurely lunch in the shade, at Café Basilika (which my IUSY 2009 friends will remember!), which had this stunning view:

After lunch we managed to navigate the Budapest metro and sheltered from the hottest part of the day in the hotel, using the most expensive wifi we have ever come across (I shouldn’t say that, I might jinx myself).


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