Vienna: 14th September

We began our visit to Vienna by rejoicing at the coolness of our hotel room and by heading out way into the outskirts of Vienna to the town of Marchfeld.

There we visited the most remarkable restaurant I have ever been to: Marchfelderhof.

When we arrived, what seemed like the whole staff was waiting outside for us, waving and holding up umbrellas.

They laid a red carpet out on the road for us, and put a red ribbon up across the door, which they got one of the little Aussie kids (Emily) to cut it:

This place was absolutely amazing. It was wall to wall bric-a-brac, with hundreds and hundreds of photos of celebrities, artists and other famous types lining the walls. It was like stepping into something out of Alice in Wonderland. It was like an acid trip. I tried to take pics, and got a few good ones, but no pictures (or video – I have some which I will post as soon as I’ve got around to editing it) can really convey what it was like here.

Every group was in their own dining room, we were in the Kaiser room, which was covered with portraits and busts of Kaiser Franz Josef (like the glacier!)

There was also, inexplicably, a pot of jam on the books.

We were serenaded by a wandering three-piece band, who played such classics as: The Blue Danube Waltz, Hava Nagila and Waltzing Matilda (see above re: video).

We had a marvellous dinner; I partook of the classic Wiener Schnitzel (I’ve never had it before. Seriously)

(Yes, I have food pictures. I had too much wine. It was free and unlimited, OK?)

Mum had the pork knuckle, which was the best pork of all time. I am not exaggerating. It had so much crackling that I got a substantial chunk of it. Crackling was freely given away, rather than the usual way of using sometimes lethal force to protect one’s crackling.

After dinner, and yet more wine, I went exploring.

This was the entrance to the ladies’ room:

and the bathroom itself was full of weird and wonderful stuff.

It had huge amounts of product lining the sink – anything a lady could ever need while in a restaurant bathroom – hairspray, hand lotion, mouthwash. Anything you want.

In fact the cubicles were covered with naked men. Seriously, I have photographic proof.

AND there was a bookcase.

I also have pictures of my reaction. Which is weird I know. Did I mention the wine?

Commence a thousand pictures:

Then we had dessert which was AH-MAY-ZING.

And the kids got little goody-bags with toys and stuff, including vampire teeth:

How adorable is that?

Anyway the whole evening was incredible and a lovely way to be welcomed to Vienna!


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