Ranking of Cities by Hipsterishness

This may be controversial. And I know I haven’t got to most of these places in the blog yet, but I think this is too important to wait.

In reverse order of hipsterishness:

10: London. Come on, that is like so 40 years ago. 

9: Salzburg. The Sound of Music was filmed there. And it wasn’t even ironic. 

8: München. It could be cool maybe, if you like went to Oktoberfest ironically or something.

7: Prague. There are tourists everywhere and it’s all capitalist now. I mean it’s so mainstream there’s even a Mozart Symphony about it. Seriously. But it’s got that post-USSR vibe which is cool. 

6: Vienna. The whole ‘hub of international non-government-orgs’ thing is awesome, I’d love to like, intern in Vienna or whatever. But the whole coffee-shop scene is so been-there-done-that. When Freud does it, it stops being cool. 

5: Budapest. It’s got the whole touristy thing going on, which is a downer, but it’s also a like totally unique city and the language is so obscure, you probably wouldn’t understand it. 

4: Stockholm. Controversially not at the top, but y’know, the whole ‘Stockholm is hipster’ thing is so mainstream now. 

3: Copenhagen. Nørrebro is like the best place to hang out and I got this way awesome retro-craft shop to sell my handmade bookmarks, but I hate capitalism so people get to name their price. It’s awesome. 

2: Berlin. I like to sit in the aching post-communist east with a perfect latté machiatto and write my ironic-comedy-def-jam-beat-poetry-raps in my moleskine with this pencil I got at this shop with no name, which has an eraser shaped like Karl Marx’s head. You wouldn’t understand. 

1: Catherine-de-Barnes. I bet you’ve never even heard of it. 

(Sidebar: I’m in character as a hipster for this. No really. Shuddup, I’m not a hipster)


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