Salzburg: 16th September

We had a lovely drive from Vienna, through the beautiful Austrian countryside:

We had a lovely walk around Salzburg, through the Mirabelle gardens (which were used in The Sound of Music by the way)

It was a beautiful day, and it real is a gorgeous town.

And we spotted some more love padlocks on the little footbridge:

We saw Mozart’s birthplace (which funnily enough has ‘Mozart’s Birthplace’ written on the side in enormous letters. Wasn’t that lucky)

I think this dude might be following me..

Oh and here’s Noel, our tour director with his red umbrella:

The Salzburg Citadel loomed high up in the hills:

We took the little cable car up the hill and visited the castle, which had some truly stunning views of the town and the Alps surrounding it:

It was a beautiful castle (not a stitch on Warwick though)

We stopped and had a drink at the little café near Mozart’s place and then headed back to the hotel, ready for our last day!


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