Salzburg, then Bavaria, then auf wiedersehen cheesy bus tour!: 17th and 18th September

To say that we started the last day off well would be an understatement.

We set out with our local guide Christina (who I think I liked best of all the guides) for the magnificent Alps, ready to go on our excursion to see the Eagle’s Nest, which is kind of like Hitler’s treehouse. Except instead of being on a tree, it’s on a freakin’ ginormous mountain.

Sadly (but not really) due to an accident, the road to the Eagle’s Nest (which is so perilous you have to take a special bus) was closed, so instead, we took the famous ‘Romantic Road’ into the Bavarian Alps, right to the top of mumblecoughberg (I’ve forgotten, OK, it was a while ago now) which gave us a view of not only the Eagle’s Nest, but also Salzburg, and a whole lot of really quite amazing mountains.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, because first we have Part Zwei in the Saga of Cartoon-Character American Tourists (I would like to disclaim that I am only referring to those American tourists. The ones who complain that the coke tastes different in [insert country here]. That actually happened by the way).

It said in bolded italics in all the information that the Eagle’s Nest trip was dependent on conditions. We knew it was possible that we wouldn’t be able to do it. And yet, what did we have, but FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND (a little hyperbole, just for effect) complaining Americans (seriously, no-one else was complaining. No-one) yammering on about how it wasn’t what they paid for and oh I’m so disappointed and maybe we should just go home.

And it wasn’t just our bus, there were about three at the base-camp place we stopped at before we headed up into the mountains. Three buses full of annoying whingey complainers.

We both had a bit of a fume, before determining not to let them spoil what was going to turn out to be a wonderful last day of the tour.

We took a very windy part of the Romantic Road, up into the mountains (our bus-driver Harald certainly earned his tips that day) and when we got there, we mostly stood and gaped for about ten minutes.

There really are no words to describe how beautiful it was. Even the pictures don’t do it justice. The air was so clear and it was so quiet and peaceful.

We did get a view of the Eagle’s Nest:

It’s that weeny little structure on the top of that mountain.

It was just astounding.

After this, we headed back down the mountain to Berchtesgaden, a very cute little village nestled in the alps. While we were there, we had a Bavarian specialty for lunch – white veal sausages with sweet mustard and a fresh pretzel. It was sooo delicious. We didn’t get a picture, but I found this on google images:

After lunch, we all got back on the bus and made our slow, winding way back to München. It was slow and winding, because it was the opening day of Oktoberfest, so every man, woman, child and their pets were on their way to München. So we had to take the backway. But it was lovely.

We got back to the hotel, had our last underwhelming, overly salted hotel-dinner and very very early the next morning we left München for Berlin!


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