Berlin: 20th September

We began the day with breakfast at Blaues Band, which lasted rather longer than usual due to their free wifi. The dude who worked there was so Super-Kool with a capital K. He had a little ponytail and smoked cigarettes out on the street as if he was oblivious to the goings-on in his café.

We had a wee explore around our neighbourhood of Berlin Mitte, which is THE MOST HIPSTER place I have ever been. The cafés are so cool they don’t even have names. Everyone rides around on bicycles with perfect hair and platform heels. There was an art gallery next door to us which was housed in three enormous packing crates stacked on top of each other.

Next was a visit to the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. We managed to avoid the fake Soviet soldiers which were littering the square (how freakin’ tacky is that) and did what East Berliners couldn’t do for 40 years – walked through the Gate.

(This shot may or may not have involved crossing the road specially. Shuddup, I’m not pretentious).

This is the Reichstag, which is a very very impressive building. It’s so intimidating and imposing, it’s completely different from buildings like Westminster (or the prettier Hungarian Parliament).

They also have very modern government buildings, like this one:

(Doesn’t that photo look like an architect’s concept drawing? It’s too perfect with the autumn trees).

After the Reichstag we hopped on the bus again and popped by Berlindom, the beautiful basilica:

In the park around the cathedral there were about 15 different couples ‘canoodling’ shall we say. Or, we could say making out. It was all very Parisian. We got another view of he cathedral from the Spree, where we had a nice and relaxing cruise and learned about the buildings which line the river.

The modern government buildings along the river are truly spectacular and were designed to represent a link between east and west – sort of like a band connecting the two parts of the city.

These next ones are the chancellory complex, complete with private garden only accessible by the Chancellor.

It was great seeing a different take on the city – it’s always different from the river.

After our cruise we had a delicious lunch at this great Korean place near Blaues Band and stopped at an awesome little shop called Soma, where I picked up some very cute jewellery:

Yes. That’s right. Those are little Kraftwerk vinyl earrings. They are THE BEST EVAR.

We rounded the day off with another fabulous dinner at Good Morning Vietnam.


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