Stockholm (Lots of awesome Moderna Museet Pictures): 24th September

After a lazy start I ventured into the hippest part of Stockholm (Södermalm or SoFo) for breakfast – the classic coffee (which was excellent) and kanelbullar (cinnamon roll) at this little place just down from the most hipster shop I have ever seen (Grandpa – buy your child a tiny bowtie and yourself an overpriced pair of coloured headphones).

I had a wander around the shops, including Pet Shop Sounds which is an apparently quite famous music shop, where I bought the strangest combination of CDs I have ever got: White Light/White Heat by The Velvet Underground and a two-disc best of the Allman Brothers Band album. The guy at the counter looked at me funny.

After SoFo I ventured to the island of Skeppsholmen to the Moderna Museet – a massive collection of Modern Art which was made famous by Andy Warhol when he covered it in fluoro cow wallpaper. This stuff to be precise:

The gallery is organised so that you walk through it chronologically and as you walk to the start you pass these strange little lounge areas with cool stuff in them:

The main exhibition starts with some classic modernist stuff (listen to me, sounding like I know anything at all about art beyond LOOK AT THE PWETTY PICTURES)

(Jacques Villeglé: Pompidoue – rue de Crimée, 1969)

(Pablo Picasso: Bottle, Glass and Violin, 1912-1913).

before rapidly spiralling into some totally trippy stuff –

(Öyvind Fahlström: ESSO-LSD, 1967)

(Elaine Sturtevant: France d’après Rayasse, 1969)

(Andy Warhol: Electric Chair, 1967 + the arty-farty looking, totally accidental reflection of me).

(László Moholy-Nagy: Composition ASC, c. 1925)

A whole bunch of Soviet Propaganda Posters + dude with a hat.

(Aleksandr Rodtjenko: Spatial Construction No. 9 Circle in a Circle, 1920-1921). Possibly stolen by Lady GaGa for one of her wacky get-ups. Awesome bonus of funky shadow:

(Pablo Picasso: Woman with Blue Collar, 1941).

(Aleksandr Rodtjenko: Untitled and Undated. C’mon Alex, give us something to work with)

There was also this amazing short silent film called Metropolis by Fritz Lang (1927) which was like Brave New World meets Commedia dell’Arte meets Thunderbirds. It was really cool.

(Man Ray: Indestructible object, 1923/1965)

(René Magritte: The Red Model, 1935).

(Salvador Dalí: The Enigma of William Tell, date unknown ‘cause there was an annoying pretentious dude standing right in front of the plaque and he just wouldn’t move. I waited for like 3 minutes. Also how totally weird is this?)

(Toyen, Myth of Light, 1946)

(Max Ernst, The Imaginary Summer, 1927)

(Barnett Newman: Tertia, 1964)

In all of the galleries there were these little areas with books and magazines and journals about the type of art on display and lots of comfy chairs to sit on.

Next was photography, starting with a picture of Mr Dalí himself:

(Irving Penn: Salvador Dalí, 1947)

(Irving Penn: Italian Still Life, 1981/1992)

(Irving Penn: Mouth (for l’Oréal), 1986/1992)

(Annica Karlsson Rixon: truckers (red), 1994-1999).

(Maria Hedlund: Untitled, 1998-2000)

(Miriam Bäckstrom: Mirrors, 2009)

Also ‘cause it was a mirror, I had to do the usual thing of a picture of me in the artwork. I mean it is tumblr after all.

(Sidebar: what the hell is my hair even doing here?)

(Cecilia Edefalk: Self-portrait, 1993/2011)

There was of course loads more stuff than this, these were just my favourites. I spent about 3 hours in this gallery. When I came out I had a wander around Skeppsholmen, past the weird sculpture things:

And down to the waterfront:

Where I got a good view over to Djurgården:

Then it was back to the hostel to get ready for my train-trip to Copenhagen in the morning!


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