Caitlin, Auckland NZ.

A place for my thoughts that is not tumblr. Will occasionally involve rants, politics, books, TV, music, fashion, travel and films. I don’t like hatred and bigotry so get it the hell out of my kitchen.

I’ve consolidated some of my older blogs here, they’re all categorised with their old blog names.

They are:

  • Bookshop Babylon: mostly rants from when I worked regularly in a bookshop, little bits of other things, lots of posts about books.
  • When the Curtain Calls: fashion.
  • Go Places: travel, especially my trip diary from my 2011 European adventure.

A lot of the stuff  on these blogs was written a long time ago, so it doesn’t necessarily reflect my current beliefs/attitudes/level of enlightenment. If something makes you cringe, there’s a decent chance it makes me cringe too, but I thought I’d leave it up to remind me how easy it is to accept and perpetuate shitty things.

My tumblr is here.

Yes my blog name is a Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones reference. Catelyn Stark is one of my favourite characters. If you hate her PLEASE drop by and tell me because I really LOVE reading detailed explanations of why I shouldn’t like her. (That was sarcasm in case you hadn’t noticed).


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