In reaction to Lorde’s tweets about a scumbag paparazzo, the wonderful Ally Garret wrote this blog which is worth a read. Also from The Wireless is this interesting piece by Scarlett Cayford about ‘selfish politics’ and political apathy.

In nerdy things, tumblr user quantumspork has envisioned a glorious universe in which Natalie Dormer, Eva Green and Rebecca Hall play the Black sisters from Harry Potter and Kristin Scott Thomas plays their mother. I always see gifsets like this and then cry forever that it doesn’t exist in real life. Also Autostraddle is doing a series of posts on how to build a PC, which is so cool and extremely handy, as I am going to have to replace a motherboard with my own hands at some point soon.

Some absolutely glorious musical videos y’all need to see:

2Cellos covering ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC… on cellos.

Postmodern Jukebox’s New Orleans Blues cover of ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ featuring Miche Braden absolutely KILLING IT.

And Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ sung in 20 different musical styles. Let me tell you, I lost my shit at The Doors.

Fun fact: that is the first time I ever heard Dark Horse. I am super behind on music now I’ve stopped listening to the radio. I hear 100% less bullshit from ridiculously offensive radio hosts, though so it’s worth it.

Judith Butler, one of my favourite thinkers, has given an extremely interesting interview with Transadvocate about her work on gender performativity and how it relates (and hasn’t in the past) to trans people. She admits in this interview that Gender Trouble did not consider trans issues and that this is a failing, while also calling out some well-known feminist thinkers who espouse transphobic rhetoric, which is a great step forward in the quest to make feminism a trans-inclusive movement. This is my favourite bit:

Sometimes there are ways to minimize the importance of gender in life, or to confuse gender categories so that they no longer have descriptive power. But other times gender can be very important to us, and some people really love the gender that they have claimed for themselves. If gender is eradicated, so too is an important domain of pleasure for many people. And others have a strong sense of self bound up with their genders, so to get rid of gender would be to shatter their self-hood. I think we have to accept a wide variety of positions on gender. Some want to be gender-free, but others want to be free really to be a gender that is crucial to who they are.

Judith Butler has also written about the politics of grievability and which casualties get to be named in global conflict and strife, so on that note, I’ll leave you with this: a list of names of the nearly 300 Nigerian girls who are still missing.




After months and months and months (it’s been a while, OK) of not posting on really any of my blogs that aren’t tumblr, I’ve decided that it’s time to do a re-shuffle. They all still exist, never fear (for I know that my brilliance on such topics as pretty clothes and the wonderful world of retail must be preserved for future generations) but I’ve imported all the posts from Bookshop Babylon, When the Curtain Calls and my travel blog Go Places to this blog. It’s partly because the times are a changin’ on tumblr at the moment and partly because I love signing up for things. Seriously. I sign up for everything. I have like 5 different email accounts and every single one of them has its own dropbox. 

So this will be my new place for consolidating my thoughts on everything that interests me. I will still occasionally post rants about customers (yes, I am STILL sporadically working at the Shop of Dreams) and flailing appreciation of expensive clothes. I may even finish posting the photos from my 2011 Europe trip. It might even get done before my 2013 Europe trip*. 

When I have coherent thoughts about shitty things they will go here, as will my reactions to books, movies, TV (lots of TV), music etc, etc. 

So if you care about my opinion and enjoy my wit (a dry wit, which like a fine martini is best enjoyed with a West Wing reference**), follow or whatever the kids are doing nowadays. 

*Ha! Yeah right. 

**That was a West Wing reference. I do that a lot.